Helpful Tenant Info

Prior to Move-in:

  • Deposit & first month rent has been paid through
  • Proof of rental insurance has been submitted to property manager
  • Set up all services to begin on lease start date: Trash/Water, Electric, Gas, Cable/Internet, Mail

Within 1 week of lease start date:

  • Fill-out “Rental Inspection Checklist” and submit to property manager

Services to set up:

  • Trash & Water
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Cable/Internet
  • Mail: USPS Change of Address

Property Manager Contact Information:

479 Properties, LLC

  • Address: P.O. Box 8554,  Springdale, Ar. 72766
  • Phone: (479) 510-5083
  • Email:

Handy things to know:

  • Garage Code
    • Do not rely on the garage code to enter the house (or do it at your own risk). During power outages, the garage door opener and door may not function.
  • You are not allowed to street park on the side of the street for extended periods of time (More than an hour)
  • The “Rental Inspection Checklist” guides you through an inspection before moving in so that if something is not in good condition, you will not be liable for the damage. Moving is hectic, but take a few minutes to go through all the line items and submit the completed form to the property manager. You can find this checklist on the 479 Properties website under “Forms” or can be found HERE.